These Tech Companies Show What it Actually Means to Be a Tech Disruptor

Harvard Business Review says disruption occurs when a newcomer successfully develops a product or service that can target a segment of an industry otherwise overlooked by incumbent players. Success gives them a foothold, from which they can move into more competitive markets. Whether it’s a radical new business model, the right use case for emerging technology, or the kind of organizational hustle that breeds success, the tech industry loves a good disruption story. So much so, in fact, that the word “disruption” has become a bit of a cliche in recent years, a catch-all term for any form of innovation. Here is the list of the top 10 tech companies that are leveraging disruptive tech.



Axletree stands for stability and dependability. Just as a trunk is central to a tree and an axle to a vehicle, the lumbar/spinal region for any vertebrate houses the central communication pathway and must be solid and stable, Axletree aspires to provide similar stability and dependability to the operations of its clients, the lives of its employees and the investments of its stakeholders.



A world where unstructured data is easily accessible, understandable, and useful for driving business efficiency and innovation. Over the years, BIS’ customers have created powerful business outcomes across all industries, in higher education and in local, state and federal government. Helping organizations transform their information and workflows to become industry leaders.


BlockCerts Blockchain

Blockcerts is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing and verifying blockchain-based certificates. These digital records are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed, tamper-proof and shareable. The goal is to enable a wave of innovation that gives individuals the capacity to possess and share their own official records. We invite feedback, contributions, and general discussion.


Blockchain Certified Data

Blockchain Certified Data (BCD) publishes a B2B solution enabling institutions to issue verifiable credentials: 100% digital and tamper-proof certificates using blockchain technology. Blockchain-certified data technology assists in creating decentralized & sovereign registers of sensitive data, fully integrated into the information systems.


Blockchain Simplified

A top blockchain development company in Pune, India, Blockchain Simplified helps you in the complete development of your custom Blockchain application. Its subject matter experts not only provide Blockchain consulting and guide you with its solution, but the company also takes ownership of the start-to-end development of your blockchain process.


Blue Signal Search

Blue Signal is a nationwide executive search firm that connects companies seeking the best talent in their respective industries with superior performers. Blue Signal takes a customized approach, ensuring that every qualified candidate for the position is contacted. The company utilizes the latest trends and technologies in all of its searches to deliver its clients the best talent while also evolving the careers of those professionals in the network.



Bodyo is a 360° telehealth consumer engagement solution that makes health assessment easy and intuitive through smart self-screening stations, teleconsultation, and mobile applications, empowering users to monitor and control their health and wellbeing along their journey. The company’s mission is to create, manufacture and commercialize a range of innovative telehealth devices. is a passionate team of people who believe ‘Document Understanding is the holy grail of AI’ and are committed to the purpose of liberating humans from reading boring documents. It is untired in the constant chase of the research breakthroughs happening at the intersection of deep learning and NLP.

Bridgit brings the transformative power of maps to the internet. The company accelerates innovation by making the entire web a collaborative learning experience that generates the building blocks of a map for the internet. In this stage, the company serves people and teams that do online research, large-scale research collaborations, and organs that want to reveal their content anywhere on the web.


Cape Analytics

Cape Analytics uses deep learning and geospatial imagery to provide instant property intelligence for buildings across the United States. The company enables insurers and other property stakeholders to access valuable property attributes at the time of underwriting with the accuracy and detail that traditionally required an on-site inspection, but with the speed and coverage of property record pre-fill. Cape Analytics is backed by leading venture firms and comprised of computer vision and risk analysis experts.

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