Can Learning Go Help You Land a High-Paying Job at Google?

Learning can help to earn a lucrative salary package per annum from Google in 2022 and beyond

No one will ever argue against the contention that ‘learning’ is the main entry point through which one is supposed to acquire a job. This is also true, if not truer when one aspires for a high-paying job in a global tech company like Google. But the main issue to note is what kind of learning one needs to go to the top echelon of Google. ‘Learning’ is a word with so much elasticity and hence one needs to qualify it with more specifics, especially when it comes to competing for a coveted high-paying job at Google.

The first thing that comes to one’s mind in aspiring for such a job is the technical qualifications. One may at the foundational level need a Master’s degree in Computer Science or Data Science or Machine Learning or Information System/Information Technology or even Mathematics but that does not automatically qualify one for a high-paying job in a tech company.

It is indeed true that Google will give importance to recruiting personnel who will be very competent in a programming language — much above the average kind. But it also implies that it is not just the proficiency in a technical skill that is solely prioritized. What is essentially required is the great ability to think and solve problems. To make the point a bit more clear, a concrete example may be provided. This tech company would definitely prefer someone proficient in Algorithms, and the claim that one is good in ‘coding’ will not suffice.

Mechanical ‘learning’ of language will not take the aspirant very far either. Nor would the learning of just one language. Problem-solving skills demand knowledge in multiple languages and not just knowing them but developing a capacity in which the existing ‘old’ problems can be solved along with the new problems. No less important perhaps is the ability to imagine unseen problems and get ready with efficient and effective methods and techniques to solve them. Here they make a distinction between the ‘mechanical’ and the ‘conceptual’, with obvious contempt for the former and the inevitable preference for the latter.

An aspiring ‘learner’ needs to remember that Google is involved in multiple domains, as wide-ranging as business strategy, design, finance, engineering and technology, marketing and communications, and sales. And there are numerous instances of overlapping. Let us take three examples at random to get through the point. As the Senior Vice President, one has to monitor revenue generation, preside over the people presiding over all operations, analyze finances, establish company-wide policies and lead the company into the future.  A Director of Engineering, which is one of the high-paying jobs at the company, is not handsomely compensated for being an engineer only. S/he has to assume a leadership role by helping to optimize workers and their workloads. But it’s also much more than that. One has to be innovative, with an extraordinary grasp over developing products, outlining strategies, and of course, looking for solutions to all the problems that come in the way. The Director of Product Management needs to know the pulse and mind of the consumer in terms of their needs. But that is not all. S/he has to liaise with engineers, researchers, designers, and project management teams of the company to ensure that such demands are met.

So, to conclude, when it comes to bagging high-paying jobs at Google it depends on the extent of ‘learning’ one is ready to go through.


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